Going to The Gym vs Working Out at Home

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The main reason we decide to train at home is the lack of time or desire to attend a gym. Yes, it is true that for us it is more comfortable to do the exercises at home because we do not have to move or go to the gym, but the motivation is not the same. If we exercise at home, we usually do it alone and do not force ourselves, as we can always find a reason not to train.

However, if we go to a gym, our stimulation will be greater, since being accompanied by more people we will feel more willing to work and improve. We must not forget that in gyms, we have the advice of a monitor who will monitor our progress and establish the routines that we must follow to obtain the results we seek.

In our house, the quality of the exercise will be lower as we do not have a monitor to tell us what to do. This is an inconvenience because if we are not aware of the different exercises, we can perform many in the wrong way and hurt our joints and muscles, as well as acquire vices that will eventually take their toll and prevent our development.

Gym Equipment at Home

Normally the equipment we have at home is not professional and has a very limited weight as well as the variety of exercises that we can perform. To this, we must add that the facilities of our house are not adequate for sports development. All this makes home training very limited in load and development.

Fitness Equipment at The Gym

On the contrary, in gyms we will have all kinds of utensils and machines that will make our lives more comfortable, helping to improve our evolution and muscle development. In addition, in most gyms, we are offered different complementary activities to exercise in the room.

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All-In-One Smart Home Gyms vs Going to The Gym

Today, technology has taken over and has provided us all with a major opportunity. During the pandemic, home gym equipment brands have taken the industry by storm. Because of the technology and equipment, you can get excellent strength and cardio workouts with smart home gyms that can consist of live and on-demand classes with world-class instructors (almost like Peloton, but with weights).


If you exercise at home, you don’t have to pay fees. Tranquil, you will not have to load the weights to train at the same level as in a gym because the weight will be you, what is called calisthenics, you know that to do push-ups chin, etc. When exercising with your own body, you will hardly need material.

Less Time

You don’t have to go to the gym, because the gym is in your home, that’s why the time it will take you to do an exercise routine is much less than if you did it in the gym because you save to travel. Other than that, the routines are CONDENSED to take you as little time as possible. 

Even so, if you like going to the gym, then perfect, but it is about seeing that you do not have to go to the gym to be able to train properly.

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